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Indonesia’s Charcoal Briquette Manufacturer & Trading Company
PT. Graha Mitra Lestarindo

Let us proudly introduce you to our company.
We are PT. Graha Mitra Lestarindo or known as GML is one of the finest briquette charcoal factories and suppliers in Indonesia since 2014. Providing authentic Indonesia Charcoal Briquettes with the most premium quality. 

With Indonesia having the reputation of being the largest coconut plantation in the world, our mission is to provide the best quality ones by ensuring that from cultivation, harvest, manufacturing, storage to container stuffing, met with our Standard of Procedure done by experienced and professional staffs. At the same time, our company will influence the world on the benefit of using natural coconut shells charcoal briquette for everyday needs and will do collaborate with every local farmer in Indonesia.

Currently, we already have 6 types and different size variations of coconut shell charcoal briquettes with large-scale production capacity for wholesale and bulk buyers and successfully sold to more than 10 countries across 3 continents. 

All charcoal briquettes we produced are 100% made from pure coconut shells, giving you the best quality with characteristics of long lasting burning, excellent burning power, high calories, and low ash content.

For the definition of Coconut Charcoal Briquette itself is a compacted block of charcoal made of coconuts shell and commonly used for Hookah or Shisha. This raw materials (re: Coconut Shell) makes it very eco-friendly as it is produced using natural ingredients. It also burns over 2.5hours or two times longer compared to traditional lump charcoal. This means it's more cost-efficient, and less effort needed to keep changing to new blocks of briquettes. This type of briquette is also naturally more concentrated, producing more thermal value and consistent heat, which is very ideal in a lot of use cases, not only for Hookah/Shisha, but also can be used for BBQ, heating for spas, as well as burning fragrances.

Ensuring raw material quality is according to the market standard requirement moreover by managerial every each part supplies is the key of success to produces the premium quality of coconut shell charcoal briquettes.

Experience had improved our quality by particularly deploying our QC team department to follow with conscientious by checking step-by-step every single process to deliver the buyer and company standard quality where committed by both side.

Combining modern processing with innovative technology PT. Graha Mitra Lestarindo produces first-grade coconut charcoal briquettes according to Global Standard Quality.

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